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  1. E-Mail Address - Enter your NetFile User e-mail address.
  2. Password - Enter your password. Passwords are case-sensitive.
    If you have lost your password, click the Lost Your Password? link to open a new page where you submit your e-mail address to receive a new password in an e-mail message. Form 700 filers who log in using a fictitious e-mail address ending in "@bogus.zzz" cannot use this feature and must contact their agency.
  3. Log In - Click the Log In button to enter the NetFile system.

Campaign Committee Filers

Create a New NetFile User - Click this link if you need to create a new NetFile User for your Campaign Filer account.

Videos - View how-to videos that display in a pop-up window on the page.

Documents - Download a PDF file with step-by-step intructions for creating a new NetFile User and then linking your Campaign Filer account.

Third-Party Uploads - If you use third-party software to enter your campaign committee data, click the Upload a CAL File link to open the CAL Upload application for Campaign filers.

Important: Only those who must use NetFile's Signature Verification feature to verify e-filings need to create a new NetFile User. The CAL Upload application, however, does not require the person who uploads the CAL file to be a NetFile User.

Lobbyist Filers

San Francisco & San Diego Lobbyist Filers Only - This section pertains only to San Francisco and San Diego Lobbyists.

New Lobbyist Filer? Request a Password - Click this link if you are a new San Francisco or San Diego Lobbyist and you need a new system-generated passord.

San Francisco Ethics Commission Documents - Download the SFEC Lobbyist Manual written by the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

San Diego Ethics Commission Documents - Download any of the five documents written by the San Diego Ethics Commission.

Form 700 (SEI) Filers

New User? Request a Password - Click this link if you are a new Form 700 (SEI) filer and you need a new system-generated password.

Videos - View a video about how to use the Lost Your Password? feature.

Documents - View Form 700 instructions and information written by the FPPC.